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Don’t spend thousands on a website that you’ll be left to manage and maintain by yourself. We all know that will not happen and you will soon be left with a slow, unstable website. Worst of all it will not attract new customers to your business – It will rather damage your reputation.

How ProBlockster Works

Website, Hosting, Aftercare and Editing Included

Your new website is built in WordPress, its butifull, fast, safe and if you have changes we take care of it for you. Daily backups and monthly maintence It have never been easier to get and maintane a beautifll website.  We become you digital team and if you need we can also become your online marketing team.

A brand new business website with editing, hosting & ongoing maintenance

From just £29.99/month

A brand new webshop solution with editing, hosting & ongoing maintenance

From just £39.99/month

What's included

ProBlockster uses the latest technology, fasts UK servers and UK support. You get full access for a low monthly subscription.

SSL – Secure Website
ProBlockster will prodivde every website with a SSL certificate to keep your website visitors safe. This means padlock in the browser and your website will be using https://
UK Support
Our UK support team of developers and marketing experts are there to help you with content edits, setting up marketing campagisns and general advice, we are here to help.
Free Domain Name
ProBlockster will prodivde you with a free (.com/.co.uk/.uk) domain name for you business and cover all renewals costs trough your ProBlockster subscription.
Content Changes
In your plan you get unlimeted changes. You can also easily change content yourself. With 1000’s of videoes it is easy to learn how to do this yourself if you want to.
Mobile Friendly
Your new website is build with mobile and tables devices in mind, so it looks great on all devices. So do not worry about how your website will look on mobile and tablets.
Super Fast Hostinge
With super fast VPS hosting, optimized for speed and performance. Combined with Cloudflare CDN and daily backup we got your website hosting needs covered.
Website build
We build with professional WordPress website builders, this gives you the best professional tools, the same tools web agencies are building websites in that cost several thoussands of £.
We build all websites with SEO in mind. We will build your new site to the best standard and practises so your site is search engine friendly and will help you get good rankings.

Customers love it

Peter Suurballe

“Using ProBlockster made it easy go get started with our new website. Within a week we were recieving quote requests and bookings. “

Beautiful online solutions for businesses

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